Customised Moonlander Keylabels


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    Keycaps for your setup

    Creating your own keyboard layout is a fundamental part of owning a custom keyboard. But the cost of making your own keycaps to match is astronomically high.We're making the dream one step closer by making professional quality key labels, for only $35 AUD ( ~$23 USD)You can use this to remind yourself of new mappings, pimp out your keyboard how you want, or even try our new 🈶 language templates 🎉.

    How it works:

    1. Download our blank keyboard template here or our language templates here.

    2. Use a program like inkscape to fill out your keys how you want them.

    3. Save as PDF, ensuring it meets our standards.

    4. Pay with card below, then send us the PDF from the same email that the order was placed with.

    5. Receive your keylabels in the mail 3 weeks later.

    Get yours today!

    Once you've filled out the PDF template, click the Order button below to order your keycaps
    (don't forget to send the PDF to after payment!)

    Or if you've still got questions, reach out or check out our FAQ and getting started guide.

    Reach Out

    If you need some help or have some questions feel free to reach out to us using the form below, and we will try to get back to you same day.

    Order Received

    Be sure to send us an email at with the filled out template, from the same email you used to pay.If you want new templates, check out the templates page.IIf there's any issues, reach us at

    Templates to download

    We have two templates for the moonlander keyboard. The first is a template with a helper layer, this helper layer has two small pink rectangles to show where the moonlander letter and bar show through from the stock keycap. You must remove or hide the layer before printing (and here's a guide on doing that).

    We also have a range of language templates which you can order one-click OR download and remix like any other template. Perfect for language learners.

    Language Templates

    Below are some of our language templates, set up for the moonlander keyboard. They can effectively be used on any keyboard, but we set it up for the moonlander by default. The keylabel size is roughly 11x13mm. You can modify your own templates using the button below.

    Otherwise, if you just want stock default language labels, use the button below to order, then send us an email with your order to tell uswhat language and colour you want.


    Chinese (Zhuyin)




    Or Make your own!

    These templates are fully customisable. Do you want zhuyin with arrow keys? or Japanese AND arabic? Check out our guide to make it anything you want!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why not just print onto keycaps themselves?
      This is our end goal! 🤩 our keylabels are a high quality yet cost effective work around to custom keycaps. Once we get a feel for how popular we are, we will invest heavily in building a complete custom key cap experience. tell us what we should do first!

    2. When are you going to support another keyboard?
      Our keylabels aren't fussy, they can be put on any keyboard you want. We just support the moonlander as a starting point but if you want a new template style, reach out to us!

    3. Do you really expect me to put stickers on my keyboard?
      Our keylabels are professionally made out of high quality vinyl that blend nicely into the keyboard. They also have a non-residue glue that is practically invisible and easily removed. Honestly, don't knock it until you try it. 😏

    4. I don't think I'll be able to put them on correctly
      It's a lot easier than you might think. The adheasion is using good quality glue that makes it easy to re-apply if you need to. For best results we recommend cleaning the keys first, and using a tweezer to peel the sticks (but they do just fine with regular old fingers as well).